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A hotel of course, but also a place for sharing, entertainment and discovery.



Each of our hotels offers a fitness program, like our LIFE Bordeaux and its fitness room!

Innovative, we also have a digitalized sport offer containing training videos specially made for you. You will find at the reception desk, the necessary equipment for a complete session.



Our establishments are places for meeting and sharing. That’s why our lobbies are equipped with several board games, because at LIFE, we don’t really think of a night out with friends without a Jungle Speed!


“A library is a sanctuary of pure thought.” Paul Auster

A little reading to take care of your body and mind!

You will find a library in our facilities, which will allow you if you wish to trade books! A good way to discover new books while sharing your favorite works with others.


Our teams have prepared everything you need to know about your travel destination!

You will systematically find a library of local inspiration, to better understand the city you are visiting.

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